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Google Remarking Services Winnipeg

Google remarketing is a highly-efficient tool to display your advertisement to your targeted audience who have visited and viewed your website previously. These advertisements will be displayed on a variety of traditional advertising spaces when your customer will browse diverse websites on Google Content Network.

Google remarketing is a crucial part of online marketing. At WinnipegTech, our digital marketing experts have the methodical knowledge required to effectively lay the strategy to enhance the ROI. When it comes to Google Adwords Remarketing services in Winnipeg, we are the trend setters.

Our team initiates the campaign by creating the Service or Product Feed before moving to custom parameters, which are connected with remarketing tag. Our professionals enable you to get more profits by arranging different techniques to market your brand.

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Benefits of Google Remarketing

  • Reach the traffic who have previously shown interest in your website
  • Directly target people who are already interested in your brand
  • Maximize your conversion rate
  • Flexible budgets to suit your spend

How Google Remarketing Works

When a potential customer visits your site or takes any action, Google places a cookie in their browser. So, when they browse other websites on Google Display Network, the cookie activates your ad along with the customized message, encouraging customer to make the purchase. There are a variety of factors involved in remarketing:

  • All visitors to your website
  • New visitors to your website
  • Users who leave the checkout page
  • Users who buy a specific product
  • Users who browse more than five pages of your website
  • Users who open an email campaign
  • Users who stay on your site for a long time

Remarketing Setup and Management Process

We will take the following steps in order to setup and manage your remarketing campaign.



Setting up the audiences of your campaign. We will determine which people you want to target before moving ahead with your remarketing campaign.

Tags And Setup Process

Tags and setup process

The next step would be tag creation. The people who visited your webpage will be automatically added to the target audience list.

Creative / Banner Creation

Creative / banner creation

Multiple banner ads will be created for your remarketing campaign. In order to get optimal results, the ads will be revised.

Ongoing Management

Ongoing management

We will closely monitor your campaign after the launch and keep on testing it to maximize your ROI.

The WinnipegTech Difference

WinnipegTech creates customized banner ads to deliver your business message to the targeted audience. The more a potential customer is exposed to your brand, the more likely they will make the purchase. Our Google remarketing experts will tailor the strategies and messages so that you can enjoy better conversions.

WinnipegTech assists you create the powerful approach for your Brand.

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