About Us

Winnipeg Tech is a Digital Agency in Winnipeg offering results-driven online Marketing services to business of all sizes.

We offer digital marketing services that are the result of our constant research. And, this research has allowed us to be masters in search engine optimization plus Internet marketing of websites, advertising on Google and web designing.

Thanks to the experience, we also offer services, such as social media management, that complement our clients’ marketing needs.


We digitally transform businesses

Internet, just like technology, is still the largest source of growth and creation of business opportunities. The strategies to increase sales and reach the potential audience is based on the correct use of concepts and digital resources. Digitization affects all sectors of economic activity, creates new relationships, new opportunities and even redefines the business model for some industries. Understanding the digital change, its tempo and its consequences is critical to the future of organizations.

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Our vision

To provide practical and intelligent solutions in the field of Online Marketing. By analyzing the initial situation, we propose and introduce innovative and creative solutions that add value to our client’s business as well as improve and build their brand image. We go an extra mile by using latest technologies as tools to make a competitive difference.

What We Do

We design comprehensive Online Marketing campaigns including: Search Engine Optimization, social media management, PPC campaign management, and web design and development. We provide practical and intelligent solutions by keeping in mind the unique requirements of our client’s business.

Our Culture

Winnipeg Tech is formed by a group of professionals with an entrepreneurial, serious, responsible and experienced spirit. We are people with a common trait: we are driven by curiosity, we like to try emerging trends and have a great enthusiasm for everything ‘digital’.

What Moves Us Forward

Thinking analytically, good conversation, always connected to the Internet, Google, creative trends, results, transparency and accountability, more Google, sharing what we learn and our online marketing blog.

Working with Us

We are an Affordable Internet Marketing Company in Winnipeg with goals to make your business an online success. We can multiply the current capacity of the web with your company to deliver new sales opportunities. We are never satisfied unless our clients are.

If you would like us to be a part of your team, feel free to give us a CALL.