WordPress Tips that Every Web Designer Should Know

So you haven’t worked as a professional in the WordPress realm? Don’t worry, if you’ll follow these tips you will be able to start better than a beginner. Implement these techniques and set yourself to work professionally.

  • Fill your sidebar only with essentials.

    The space provided alongside your sidebar is only for your essential links which you want to focus. Don’t fill your sidebar with too much unwanted advertisements that your important links just mixes up with other ads. Take advantage of that sidebar area for purposeful links.

  • Place your media in a single library.

    Make your task easy by placing all your media in a single folder, in your library. This will help you to face no problem when you are in an urgent need of a media used earlier. This will save your time, by reducing your search time.

  • Use built in permalink fields.

    Go through the WordPress permalink fields, review your links here before publishing them. You will have to learn the copywrite basics of SEO to use permalink fields effectively. Limit the link field only to necessary keywords. The permalink should be solid enough, that its name alone could make a visitor guess what is stuffed inside it.

  • Focused meta tags.

    The meta tags such as title and description should be meaningful. These are the descriptions which Google shows up in the result of any search. A visitor only sees this description and then decides whether the result he wants is present in the site or not. So these tags should be described to such an extent that it provides a glance on the content which is inside it.

  • Use innovative images.

    The images which you post inside your site should be attractive and innovative. They should not be the most popular ones which many of the websites do use, but should be unique and creative enough that they just steals the attention of visitors. There should be alternate text for your images so that if anytime your image fails to load, then alternate text can be displayed at its place.

  • Responsive landing pages.

    If you want to focus more attention of visitors, select responsive landing pages different from your home pages. Many WordPress themes have built right in landing pages, you tan make them responsive by customizing them. For themes which do not come with landing pages, Premise landing page software for WordPress is there which can create innovative landing pages and provides you control on style and content.

  • Don’t keep the footer blank.

    Utilize the footer area of your WordPress site by providing terms and conditions, quick links, copyright, etc. A blank footer makes a site look dull. Visitors moves towards the footer area to see who has developed this masterpiece site, so don’t forget to add your details.

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