WordPress Design Mistakes To Watch Out For

WordPress is the most popular open source platform available in the world. Businesses are leveraging this platform to develop amazing feature-rich websites. With a variety of themes and plugins, you can add personal touch and professional looks both at the same time. But, sometimes we fail to understand that not all plugins are meant for every website. Since, every business and website is unique, you should be careful of what plugins you are using. As, some plugins can make the website vulnerable to hackers or slow it down.

Here you will learn about a few mistakes that must be avoided in order to keep your website safe, functional and attractive.

First Things First – Security Issues – It is advisable to enable SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) when setting up access to your website or blog. Also, remember to update your passwords regularly. Create a unique combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Keep the website or blog updated with the latest versions and always keep a backup. For this you can use a plugin like WordPress Database Backup.

Not Using Themes and Plugins From Reliable Source – There are a wide variety of themes and plugins available and most of them are free of cost. The problem is that some of them are not trustworthy. Worse, malicious code installation is very easy yin them, which can wreak havoc your blog or website. It is ideal to read about the theme and plugins carefully and choose the one that is from a reliable source. Thesis, Themeforest, Genesis are some of the trusted source.

Too Many Plugins – One of the best things about WordPress is that it has thousands of plugins to make your ordinary website a “wow-site.” But, if you use too many plugins, it can cause trouble as well. Your site might get slow or not perform smoothly. To reach the problematic plugin, you need to deactivate all the plugins and test them one by one to eliminate the issue.

Font Size and Type – Most of the designers prefer to use a small font that makes it difficult to read the content easily. Avoid doing that. By doing this, you will turn off your audience. It is also advisable to avoid using fancy fonts. They could be also hard to read. When you create a website, you want it effective so that users can read, in fact, consume your content.

Editing WordPress Files without Knowing How to Code: Make sure you never ever touch the website or blog, if you don’t know anything about coding. Yes, this can wreak havoc on your website. Seek help of an experienced WordPress developer if you want to make any changes to the website. Ignoring this can break the site and create a total mess.

WordPress websites are easy to create and update. But, when it comes to the coding section, it needs professional help. If you are planning to develop a WordPress website, then call our experienced web designers in Winnipeg.