How To Increase Functionality of your WordPress Website

Speeding up site is vital not only for entrepreneurs but also for internet users. Faster and responsive websites make users happy and improve their browsing experience. Great functionality and faster websites are a guaranteed way to increase more traffic on the site.

People spend less time on your site if the pages load slowly. A speedy WordPress website performs very well. Let’s take a look on given tips which helps to increase functionality or speed of your site.

1. Install cache plugin: There are several things that help to increase functionality and speed of your site. Cache plugin is one of them. Caching determines the website’s overall performance. There are another two more plugins under the name of MamCached Object Cache and the BatCache, you can use any one of them. MamCached object cache is good for you if you are running WordPress cloud servers.

2. Remove inactive or unnecessary Plugin: Using too many plugins can be the cause of a slow site. After installing a plugin, remove all those plugins which are not usable. Make sure to delete all those out dated plugins which you don’t use. Have a look on collection of your themes and if there is any unwanted theme, remove it. Unwanted or too many themes create same problems in linking plugin.

3. Keep WordPress up to date: To make your WordPress site faster, safer and bugs free, up date the new version of WordPress from time to time. When you are not updating your site, chances of virus, improvements increase manifold. Update every single feature of the WordPress including themes, plugins etc. It comes with a built in update notification.

4. Optimize the image: Optimizing the image is an essential aspect because slow loading image can break your business. A large size image can kill the loading speed. Make sure before uploading, that you optimize the image.

5. Make navigation easy: Every website has a form of navigation but every site does not have good navigation. Merely building a navigation into the site does not mean it delivers the best experience to your user and provide what they want. A well planned out navigation helps improve the visibility of your pages.

These are few tips to increase functionality and speed of your WordPress site. If you are interesting to know more our other services, get in touch with our WordPress web design professionals.