How COVID-19 Will Change the Web Design Business Industry Forever?

COVID-19, the pandemic with which the entire world is suffering and trying to cope up with, is going to create an everlasting impact on the way we live. Also, the way we transact and the way we socialize with each other are all going to be affected. Once this epidemic is over, its effect will linger on for a long time after that. Every industry will have to take measures to get through this. To recover from COVID-19 aftereffects the organizations will have to provide their products on-line (if they are not already doing it), almost all banks are performing transactions online (those who are not will have to make the switch), and mobile apps like PayTM, Google Pay, etc. will become very common. Customers will prefer staying home and preferring Home Delivery as a mode of purchasing goods. Web Designing is no exception.

How COVID-19 Will Change the Web Design Business Industry Forever?

Customers who go from organization to organization to find out the developers who can suit their needs will now depend upon online applications to search developers and specify their needs. The direct interaction that existed between the customer and the developers during the pre-COVID era will dramatically go down. This will also lead to a somewhat less reliability on developers (though for some time only) as it is always easy to specify your needs by directly interacting with the developers. Organizations like WinnipegTech are already working on developing web-apps for the post-COVID era.

Different Type of Web Apps in the COVID-19 Aftermath
  • Search Engines

    Although we do not have any search engines where we can specify that the search engine must search for Developers only, this is a very much possible option in a future search engine. Just like we search for images and videos today, we might be searching for developers tomorrow. This will also be in accordance with the safety regulation of Stay Home Stay Safe.

  • Payment Gateways

    Other kinds of apps (both web and mobile) that will become even more popular in the post-COVID era will be the PAYMENT GATEWAY apps such as PayPal, PayTM, and Google Pay. This will be because in the post-COVID era nobody will like to once again go through the same risk. To avoid being affected again, everybody will like to make online payments. The reason for this even currency can be a cause for contracting this disease. As such to mitigate the risk of contracting the disease, online payment apps will be required.

  • Entertainment Apps

    Apps that pertain to entertainment such as Hotstar, NetFlix, HBO Now, Google Play Movies & TV, etc. will become more popular and desired after COVID-19 has been brought under control. People will never stop watching movies and their favourite programs but keeping their safety in view would prefer not going to theaters. Even web-apps that provide gaming experiences to their users may also become popular. There are such web-apps existing today even such as BigFishGames but we might see such web-apps in abundance in the aftermath of the COVID-19 era.

  • Health and Fitness Web and Mobile Apps

    As mentioned earlier, people will be seen in very few numbers in places of social gatherings such as Theaters, Gyms, Clubs, and even Hospitals & Clinics. Some of these places can be ignored altogether but when it comes to fitness and health an alternative must be found. These days the alternative is fitness mobile apps. However, everyone might not possess a mobile. The option that then remains is a web application for all your fitness needs.

Summarizing Things

Thanks mainly to Artificial Intelligence that has become a regular feature in the development of web applications. A majority of the web sites are making use of chatbots to interact with the customers already. This will help the developers and customers both as they need not even meet each other. All the queries put-in by the customers can be taken care of by such chatbots and other AI tools. Some of the intelligent brains are seeing this epidemic in a better vein. They view it as an opportunity to start a new era online in the field of web designing. There is no doubt that initially we might see a recession as far as developers’ demand is concerned but by the end of the year 2020 or towards the 4th quarter once again there will be a ray of hope.