Fresh Resources for Web Developers – September 2016

Creating a website is not an easy task for web developers. They have a lot of things to consider while building a website. They think about various processes, phases and aspects of the development. In short, every developer looks for the resources that can help them increase the efficiency and make the work a little easier. Having resources that you want to make a website means making the job more efficient.

All the resources, the developers looking for come in the form of libraries, plugins and frameworks. Every developer needs guidance and support to create a beautiful and search engine friendly website. Finding resources on the internet could be time consuming. In order to save your precious time, here is a list of some of the best resources for web developers. The given resources will help you do your work more effectively.

  • Marp

    Marp is a kind of editor which is used to create presentations in Markdown. It comes with two panels – the first is an editor on the left and the second is preview on the right. In the preview section, you can see the slide output in real time. Marp is available for Linux, OS X and Windows.

  • React Developer Tools

    It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to impact a React Renderer such as props, states, hierarchy and more. After installation, you will get a new tab in DevTools. It shows you the root React components and elements.

  • SharingButtons

    This resource is available for those who are fond of social media and like to share links and other information with friends and other people. Currently, it supports a number of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • OverHang

    It is a JQuery plugin which is used to show instant notification. This plugin is customizable. With the use of OverHang, it is very easy to set the message in the notification with a color you want. You can also set time for the message that how long it appears before it fades out.

  • wA11y

    wA11y is a WordPress plugin that helps you to improve accessibility on a website. Once you run it, it will evaluate the whole website and offer feedback and also suggest solutions to fix the issue.

  • Automatic Alternative Text

    Just like wA11y, Automatic Alternative Text is also a WordPress plugin. This plugin helps to improve the accessibility of the website by adding ALT text to image uploaded through a WP Media Manager.

  • Trix Editor

    It is a WYSIWYG editor for writing articles, comments, messages and lists. Trix Editor is an open source project from Basecamp. Millions developers trust on it and use it.

As a web developer, you may try to find the new shiny tools and play with them every month. These given are a few fresh resources for those web developers who are looking for the new tools in September month. If you have any question or query, feel free to call WinnipegTech.