Five Common Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social media is very popular way to promote your business and make real relationships with people online. If you use it in a right way, it increases your leads, sales and traffic.

But the misuse of social media can ruin your business’s reputation. Social media marketing is growing at a very fast pace and there are various number of social media options in front of you. You need to pick any one of them but make sure you choose right platform to target the audience. In this blog, you will read about few common social media mistakes that many business retailer commit while they undertake social media for business promotion.

1. Fear of starting: As a human being, the fear of starting is true. Its nature of humans that they feel hesitation when starting a new work. If you are afraid from social media and you have any doubt regarding it, you can talk with any professional. If you are too afraid before starting social media, maybe you are going to be left behind and your competitors will go ahead.

2. Too many social networks without content: Many business owners create their many accounts on different social media networks. But forget about the content. Remember one thing, if you create account on different networks, upload sufficient content related to your post. Upload your post at least 2-3 times per week with relevant content information. Share your post.

3. No videos: Video is one of the best tools to get more and more visitors on your site. If you upload videos on your social media account and share it, obviously you get traffic very easy. Some entrepreneurs forget about video and just post simple content with simple image. If you want success in social media marketing, just images and content are not enough. Try to post video content which helps to attract users.

4. Not offering discount and sales: You have an e-commerce website and also have social media account. You post your new arrival products time to time, it is good. But if you don’t post discount and sales on your products on special occasions, it may be harmful for your site. People like to share your post with their friends, if you give them discount on products. It can encourage more users to visit your site.

5. Buy likes and followers: Buying fake likes and followers is too risky for your brand’s reputation. Every one knows that likes are crucial to run your business Facebook account. But if you buy fake likes and Facebook discovers fake like on your page, maybe they will penalize or even delete your account. Getting thousands of likes and followers does not mean you also get comments on your post.

As human being, obviously you will make mistake. And this truth holds true in social media as well. But if you have a strong strategy to start social media marketing, obviously you will never do these mistakes. Contact WinnipegTech professional to avoid these type mistakes. Social media gives you a golden opportunity to boost your business.