It Can’t Get Worse! Now Even SEO Has Myths Attached To It!

SEO is a powerful tool & practice by which you can take your rankings up the ladder in the search engines. There are a lot of factors which contribute to the SEO growth.

Since, it has a lot of things attached to its working, people start making stories around the same.

If you are an expert or going to hire one, please don’t believe in the following myths about SEO. Rather, one should call out the professionals and clear all their doubts. As of now, let’s clear some for you.

Myths & Facts About SEO:-

Myth- Search engines will find you out on their own.

Fact- Really? How many times they have done it for you? Search engines don’t have only your website to put up in searches. You have to make efforts through SEO for a better rank.

Myth- SEO is too expensive.

Fact- If you consider the benefits you are going to get from your website, the price for hiring an SEO developer will be nothing! They build links, find suitable keywords, research so much, optimize a site and what not. These things will actually bring in more profits for you!

Myth- SEO will change the design of my website.

Fact- May be yes! If your website design is out of date, content is poorly written with no keywords, then getting your website an SEO makeover is a must.

Myth- Google hardly cares for SEO.

Fact- This can make even Google faint! Google has specially said that an SEO friendly website will be preferred more over traditional websites. Still, any doubts? Wait for a Google update, you will get to know!

Myth- It is all about keywords.

Fact- Keywords do form an integral part of the SEO working but it has a lot of other factors too, which contribute equally like social accounts and various other activities.

Myth- My business is doing great, I don’t require an SEO expense.

Fact- Congrats! If you are doing good but don’t you want to go miles before you show such an attitude? SEO will help your business grow by leaps and bounds and that too at the cost of nothing!

Myth- PPC is much better and fast than SEO.

Fact-It is no doubt that PPC is very fast but then, you have to pay for every click also. On the other hand, SEO takes time but gives consistent results and the costs are not fluctuating either like PPC.

Myth- On-page SEO is more than enough.

Fact- Not true as SEO work includes more than an on-page effort. It involves off page-optimizations such as blogs, social media etc. which are equally important too.

Still, Any Doubts?

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