8 Simple Tips To Follow For e-Commerce Web Design

An excellent e-commerce web design plays a vital role in turning your website visitors into loyal customers. Ideally, eye-catching site design can make your purchase process more accessible, quick and hassle-free. No matter, how useful your product and how effective your advertising techniques are, clutter-free interface and navigation plays a significant role in attracting the audience. You could lose your valuable customers if your website is dull, cluttered, outdated and not optimized for sales.

8 Simple Tips To Follow For Ecommerce Web Design

So, here are some tips to keep in your mind when designing an e-store:
  • Use Simple Website Design

    The minimalist websites are rated as more visually appealing than complex sites. In order to keep your e-commerce web design lead converting, you need to consider simplifying every design element. For this, you should take away any information and utilize the minimalistic design theme with good white space.

  • Utilize The View Cart Button

    Little shopping cart icons on every page allows the visitors to view the items they have added to their cart quickly. This is one of the most critical e-commerce web design strategies. Visibility of all these buttons has proven to provide you with a better shopping experience. Remember, the most important thing is to make it stand out by using a bright color that users can notice immediately.

  • Honest Pricing

    You never want your website visitors to feel that they are deceived because it merely makes them leave a bad review which affects your online business reputation. Don’t keep any hidden charges as well as don’t put the price somewhere else, it is better to keep it on the front. Make sure the customers can see the total cost of the product including shipping before making a purchase.

  • Quality Images

    The biggest thing to manage with estore designing is high-quality product images. Even if you are going to add any video, keep it of high definition. Consider creating photos gallery of products at different angles. On the other hand, lifestyle images of people interacting with your products are more likely to attract users.

  • Reviews & Testimonials

    79% of online shoppers believe in customer reviews when they decide to shop online. Your customer’s review is even a great way to promote your business. By putting the reviews and testimonials right on your website, you can improve your sales and revenues. Remember, an effective eshop design strategy includes the product specific reviews exact below the product description.

  • Navigation Menu

    Easy navigation is another essential part of your website that helps the users to find quickly what they are looking for. The menu should display across all pages for maximum ease directly on the top of the page. Menu bars appearance in F format is another good way to set it at the right place.

  • Tips For Products Display

    • Keep all the product organized so that users can easily find the one they are looking for.

    • Keep the search bar so that people can access the product directly without scrolling it down.

    • Allow users to filter the products.

    • Keep quick and simple check out.

  • Additional Features

    • Create an FAQ page

    • Keep your eShop mobile optimized

    • Consistent branding

    • Add social media links

    • Keep text to a minimum

So, once you have used these tips on your e-commerce website, you are ready to take your online shopping store at the next level. If you need any help then don’t hesitate, contact us at WinnipegTech. Our team of professional e-commerce developers are ready to assist you anytime.