6 Mobile App Design Tips

With change in platforms of development, design principles also change. Therefore, there exists a need for responsive designs. Every device supports individual design principles and conventions. Just as operating systems differ from mobile to desktop, same is with design practices.

Tips to consider before designing UI for mobile apps:

  • Know Your Medium

    Before designing, do remember the medium you are working on. It is mobile app, not a web . Your screen size is diminished, make effective use of it. Navigation is restricted due to screen space, therefore use wherein necessary. Follow the guidelines of the operating system for which you are developing an app i.e iOS, android or windows app.

  • Data friendly

    No one likes an app which consumes a large MB of data. Design a data conscious app which doesn’t add too much to your bills. If your app will use fewer data, it will be frequently visited by visitors without worrying much about the usage charges.

  • Optimize your application

    Along with difference in OS, the other difficulty the designers face is various screen sizes and device types in same OS. This results in device fragmentation and platform fragmentation which should be achieved by optimizing your mobile app to adjust efficiently in varying mobile sizes. UI must remain consistent throughout all devices of same OS.

  • Consider battery life

    Battery life is directly proportional to functionality of app. Remember that battery life doesn’t last for longer. More complex the application, more the sounds, pop ups and vibrations in your app, the more it will drain your battery. Designer needs to create an application that puts less strain on battery life.

  • User Behavior Is Different

    There is a huge difference in using a desktop application and a mobile application. The way we operate them such as searching, navigation and interaction vary with devices. App designer should be aware of user behavior. Aspects which work best with user experience should be considered.

  • Prototypes

    Prototyping is crucial in the process of mobile app design. Interactive, high-quality prototypes helps client to understand the flow of work in the app. It presents a clearer direction to build interactive app.

These are the best practices for mobile app design that ensures you to design the best mobile app. WinnipegTech is a leading web and mobile app development company in Winnipeg which offers you both iOS and Android mobile app development services.