5 Most Treasured WordPress Plugins for 2017

The most popular CMS that is ruling up to 30% of websites on the web is WordPress. As a standalone system, we can not say that WP is itself so glamorous, instead it’s the themes and plugins that actually makes it extra attractive. With customization options, we can create almost anything on WordPress.

A great count of plugins are available online that can be downloaded to incorporate unique functionalities in a business site. Though finding a suitable plugin is difficult, choosing the best one is quite a challenge. To help you decide the ideal one, we have listed here the popular plugins that are essential for building a better website.

  • wpDataTables

    The wpDataTables is an immensely featured plugin that provide unique methods for creating charts and tables. It is designed to incorporate useful data management functionalities. If your business requires updation, retrieval or inspection of charts made previously, then wpDataTables is an absolute treat for you. It builds tables that are interactive, creative, editable and responsive.

  • Content Timeline

    Not only writing relevant content matters, but displaying it in an attractive way is also a necessity. Content Timeline is a widely used plugin that gives an oppurtunity of present content in a proper, pleasing and easy-to-create way on the sliding timeline. It creates completely responsive, customizable, and editable sequence of content blocks. One can also sort and sequence the posts based on the date of posting or archive category.

  • LayerSlider

    LayerSlider is a popular plugin that is used by most of the WP themes. If you are looking to combine multiple transitions, including splitting text by lines, words, or characters or animating them to create flying letters, then LayerSlider is here for you. It offers super flexible design tool that can easily modify and edit, whatever you create.

  • Logic Hop

    If you own an Ecommerce website, then Logic Hop is a game changer for your business. This plugin brings the power to personalize WordPress. With this a marketer can target and message site users based on their behavior, so as to boost the conversion rates to new levels.

  • W3 Total Cache

    W3 Total Cache is an essential plugin to install, especially if you are really looking to increase website performance and reduce page load times. It is favored and recommended by number of web designers and developers. This plugin is a worthy investment that offers many other website features too.

    These are the most popular plugins to download to improve the appeals and functionality of a WP website. Whether you need to spice up a site’s appearance, protect it against hackers, add some cool features or improve its performance, our WordPress developers at WinnipegTech can assist you.