Want to Immediately Remove these 5 Irritating WordPress Issues – WordPress Developer Secrets Revealed

We all love WordPress. But as nothing is perfect in the world, WordPress also has its fair share of things that are irritating and can kill your mood. No matter whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, you are bound to run into problems. Here are some of the most annoying things about WordPress with their solutions.

  • Messed Up Formatting While Switching From Visual View To Code

    In order to avoid this annoyance, use the plugin TinyMCE Advanced. This is a powerful tool that can prevent many issues with WordPress’s native editor. In its setting go to the “advanced options” to disable the automatic tag removal button.

  • Even With Tags Code Section Vanish Or Get Ruined

    Use the plugin Visual Code Editor if you want to protect your code formatting during editing. Additionally, there are many other online tools such as Quick Escape that can convert special characters or angle brackets in HTML character. There is also Pastebin pasting tool available for long code samples.

  • Numerous Miserable Or Malicious Free Themes

    Not everything is free. It is unfortunate that in the long run the free things from the internet start costing you more. So, it is advisable to choose premium themes or create your own themes with Genesis. It’s not that all free themes are badly designed, but it is better to download free ones from a reputable developer such as WooThemes.

  • Too Many Poorly Coded Plugins

    Make sure you check the reviews of the plugins before downloading them. Trust premium plugins only as they are well-coded and stay updated, and plugins that are reviewed on some renowned sites.

  • The Dashboard Pages Cannot Be Seen In A Tree.

    In such situation, only the CMS Tree plugin can help. It is a page view plugin that helps you see all the pages in a visual tree view just like other CMS systems. You can rearrange the menus easily by dragging and dropping them.

  • Client Couldn’t Update The WordPress And Their Plugins

    You should go for some managed hosting service such as WP Engine. It will take care of all the backups and upgrades for your clients.

WordPress is getting better with every update, but still there are some issues that can annoy you. But, every problem has a solution and if you are having any problem with your WordPress website, you can contact our web designers at WinnipegTech.